Simplifying Credit Dispute Investigations for First and Third Party Data Furnishers

Integrate Sonnet with your e-OSCAR and direct dispute workflows to increase productivity, maintain compliance, and ultimately, achieve faster resolution.

Indirect Dispute Model
  • Sonnet supports indirect dispute investigations initiated by credit reporting agencies (CRAs) as automated credit dispute verifications (ACDVs) via e-OSCAR. The platform automatically receives data from both e-OSCAR and your systems of record and displays information on a single screen for easier review. Upon completing the investigation, Sonnet automates the return of dispute outcomes to e-OSCAR and the systems of record.

Direct Dispute Model
  • Through automated workflows, Sonnet streamlines the investigation process for direct disputes received via email, mail, or phone calls. For mailed disputes, Sonnet receives scanned documents and processes them through an optical character recognition (OCR) engine that identifies the account and borrower, and classifies the dispute. Disputes originated from email, web, and verbal sources can be entered into Sonnet manually and processed with other disputes.

Additional Automated Workflows
  • Sonnet also processes Automated Universal Dataform (AUD) submissions, Dispute Response (DR) notifications, and Block notifications.

Single Screen
Sonnet displays data from e-OSCAR, your systems of record, and other required sources on one screen so you don’t have to switch back and forth between applications to compare data. Additionally, the Sonnet Rules Engine processes the business rules created from your policies and procedures, and highlights suggested responses on the screen.
History Log
Sonnet keeps a complete seven-year history of each dispute, tracking every step of the automated and manual processes, and date/time stamping each event in the investigation.
  • Minimizes human error

    by consolidating all indirect and direct dispute data on one screen so duplicates, repeating and frivolous disputes can be easily identified and the appropriate action can be taken.

  • Reduces Time Spent on Disputes

    by allowing you and your team to focus on the discrepancies and newly submitted information, ultimately adding capacity for more mission-critical/routine tasks.

  • Increases Productivity by 200-300%

    by reducing manual steps in the investigation process and supporting “No Touch” resolution for qualified disputes

  • Saves 40-70% in Labor Costs

    by improving overall workflow efficiency and reducing the time needed to investigate the disputes

  • Improves Cash Flow

    By moving disputed accounts into a “Ready to Collect” status more quickly


Sonnet helps first and third party data furnishers meet Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations for demonstrating a “reasonable investigation” and responding to each dispute within 30 days. The system includes response time monitoring and requires dispute images to be viewed before an investigation can be completed. Sonnet also uses the Metro 2 reporting format, so data furnishers can maintain compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

  • Customizable rules based on your policies and procedures
  • Email notifications for pending deadlines
  • Image viewing requirement
  • Seven-year history log of disputes
  • Enhanced reporting/trending analytics for data accuracy, dispute codes, responses codes, creditors, and consumers